For Your Company

• Increase productivity

• Decreased health care premiums

• Reduces staff turnover

• Reduced sick days

• Higher job satisfaction amongst employees

• More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company

For Your Employees

• Reduces stress, anxiety, tension, and fatigue

• Reduces muscle pain

• Reduces neck, back, shoulder, and wrist pain

• Increases energy, vitality, motivation, and efficiency

• Improves posture, muscle tone, balance, and flexibility

• Improves memory, mental clarity, concentration, and

    overall morale in the workplace




A full 45 minute-1 hour all levels yoga class that includes postures that warm up the body, vinyasas to get you moving, and gentle stretching to help everyone wind down/ Theresa provides music, chimes, props, and even aromatherapy in her classes.

*Yoga mats are the only item not provided. Attendees are asked to bring their own.


Theresa teaches all level classes, providing opportunities for your employees to challenge themselves, as well as ways to be restful in certain poses. She incorporates breathing exercises and a little meditation as well. If an employee has never done yoga before that’s okay- ANYONE who is in good physical health can do yoga. Everyone has to start somewhere, especially for anyone who sits for long periods of time.




Theresa can teach before, at lunch, or at the end of the work day, depending on what works best for your business.


All they need is a mat and a change of clothes if preferred! 









First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit and check out my wellness page :) I have gratitude for each and every one of you.

Health has always been a passion of mine. When I was little, I remember being fascinated by the human body- this complex network of systems that allow us to do so many wonderful things. This passion pushed me on my path of massage therapy and yoga. 

I have my degree in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University, as well as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies. Recently, I received my certificate in Massage Therapy from Rizzeri's Aveda School for the Healing Arts. There I learned Swedish Massage and other modalities such as reflexology, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and some spa enhancements such as hot stone massage. 

I love meeting new people. This profession has allowed me to meet so many walks of life, and gives me a true appreciate to what "stress" means to different people. I feel genuinely humbled to be able to provide this service to others. It's amazing to see stress melt off my clients and students. 

If you have any questions about massage therapy, yoga, prices, or just want to say hi! Please feel free to contact me.




"I am so happy I registered for Theresa's yoga class as it definitely helps ease the stress of my job! I am a beginner at yoga and Theresa is fantastic at explaining each move and I immediately feel relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you Theresa!!!!"

- Janet, PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ

"I absolutely love the weekly corporate yoga sessions Theresa provides at my workplace. Since beginning yoga I have increased core strength and flexibility and find myself far more relaxed throughout my week. I would recommend Theresa to both individuals and groups looking to improve their day!"
- Alexis, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ

"I wanted to let you know that my favorite company benefit is my twice weekly yoga sessions with you. Your instruction is excellent as you guide our group through gentle stretching postures to improve flexibility, reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity. I return to my desk renewed and am hooked on Yoga with Theresa! Thank you!"

- Gerry, PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ

"Yoga has literally changed my life in so many ways, physically and emotionally.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind, and yoga gives me the outlet to let go of everything and center on myself.  Self-love is just as, if not, more important than the love we give others.  Learning to love myself has been an ongoing challenge and commitment, and I have found that yoga is the perfect catalyst for this.  I learn something new every time we practice with your guidance.  I look forward to every class!"
- Anne, The Michaels Organization, Mount Laurel NJ

"As a beginner to yoga, I at first did not know what to expect. As a person who grew up being active and doing contact sports, I had never understood yoga and its purpose. Theresa has been able to show me the meaning of Yoga and learn more about my body and it's capabilities. Theresa makes you feel capable no matter your skill level. I enjoy taking time from work once a week(corporate class in Moorestown) to relieve my stress and stretch and learn from Theresa. I look forward to learning more and challenging myself each week in her yoga classes."
- Gina, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ

"Ever since I started Theresa’s classes in September, I feel like I’ve become more in tuned with my body. Also, I love attending classes not for just the physical aspect, but for the kind, motivational and empowering words she provides!"

- Dominique, PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel NJ

"Yoga is a great way to break up the day, get out of the chair, away from the computer, stretch, relax, and come back to ourselves. Each class really makes a difference on how I feel, how I look at the rest of the day, and what's ahead. I have been struggling with sciatica pain (at age 28)- yoga is a way to combat that pain and get me back to feeling myself again. Thanks for you time Theresa!"

- Amy, The Michaels Organization, Mount Laurel NJ

"Theresa is great at managing different abilities in her class. I'm a beginner, and I felt a little unsure about even starting the lunchtime yoga sessions at work. I am so glad I did! Theresa makes everyone feel comfortable, and she is easy to follow. I have improved in flexibility, and I enjoy taking this time for myself. I really look forward to our class!"
- Mary, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ

"I've been doing yoga for more than a year now, and have had classes with about a half-dozen instructors overall.  The others are older than Theresa and have been teaching for many years, but Theresa beats them all, hands down.  She's a natural.  She has this way of making you feel welcome, no matter your skill level, and quietly and confidently moves you through the various poses in a fluid flow that just makes sense.  She provides encouragement, thoughtful quotes, and aromas that relax.  You always leave feeling better than you did when you arrived.  This girl is going far; I expect that she'll be on the cover of Yoga Journal before too long.  Catch her while you can."
Stuart, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ

"Every employer should offer Yoga with Theresa! On days with Theresa’s class, I leave feeling calm, refreshed and refocused- ready to attack my afternoon. It continues to amaze me on how she can really get me to eliminate all thoughts of anything stressful for the hour we are together! I’ve taken other yoga classes before and they just do not compare to classes with Theresa. I find her classes challenging enough for those that exercise regularly, but also doable for those that don’t. Additionally, she doesn’t just instruct yoga, but also speaks words of inspiration during each practice. Her thoughts are always calming yet impactful and come across so deeply genuine. I always look forward to the two days a week I am with Theresa! Thank you!"

- Ashley, PHH, Mount Laurel NJ

"As a beginner yogi, I had no idea what to expect from yoga.  Theresa makes learning the practice of yoga enjoyable and very calming.  I have found that yoga at work is the perfect way to relax and get away from the days' insanity. Even after returning to work from yoga, the calmness stays with you. Theresa has a very soothing way about her that transfers to her students.  I look forward to our sessions and advancing in my practice."
- Christy, The Michaels Organization, Mount Laurel NJ

"Most weeks it is so hard to find time to have lunch let alone practice yoga; but, it is the best spent hour of my week! Theresa is an outstanding teacher.  She shares her knowledge with us and helps us find our own pace as new students of yoga. I am grateful to have Theresa at my workplace to help me practice yoga and find my zen!"
- Kathleen, ASRC Federal, Moorestown NJ

"I enjoy yoga and I have looked forward to it for the last couple of weeks.  I have Lupus and suffer from fatigue quite often.  I find that on the days that I have yoga, I feel more energetic and focused for the rest of the day/evening.  You are a good instructor and feel I am getting stronger each week.  Thanks for coming to TMO."
- Karen, The Michaels Organization, Mount Laurel NJ

"I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that yoga is STILL AMAZING!! It’s such a nice break from the day and it’s especially nice to do it during working hours vs. after work. We all have so many after work commitments and especially with the holiday season coming up, it’s nice to have an outlet and break from the daily grind."

- Tanya, PHH Mortgage, Mount Laurel




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